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Due to the economic recession and high unemployment in the country, entrepreneurship ended up becoming an opportunity and even a necessity for many people. In this scenario, one area that has stood out is beauty.

With the third-largest market in the world, Brazil is unaware of the crisis when it comes to personal care. For this and other reasons, investing in a College of Aesthetics and Cosmetics has become a promising career alternative.

In today’s post, you will get to know not only the main features of the course but also the biggest promises for the future of pro fission. Follow!

Medical Aesthetics Jobs Growing with the Industry

The Aesthetics and Cosmetics course

The Faculty of Aesthetics and Cosmetics offers theoretical background and practical opportunities for students who want to take care of their health, maintaining and correcting body and facial features.

Although many confuse the work of beauticians with that of dermatologists, the professions are quite different. While the dermatologist prepares to study the human body in general and provide diagnoses about diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails, the beautician is trained to perform procedures that help improve the appearance of the face and body.

Training in Aesthetics is available at more than 130 universities across the country, whether in the form of a bachelor’s degree or a technologist. The first category requires 4 years of dedication, while technical courses prepare students more quickly for the job market, at an average of 2 years.

With the recent regulation of the profession, it is important that the student seeks institutions recognized and well evaluated by the Ministry of Education (MEC), in order to ensure better training and the validity of their diploma in the labor market.

Classes include theoretical subjects and practical laboratory experiences. From them, it is possible to learn the correct use of techniques, to know the best products and equipment for each type of treatment, in addition to understanding the nuances of the area. Students are also encouraged to participate in courses, events and congresses, as the sector is renewed every day.

With regard to the curriculum, the student will have practical disciplines of body aesthetics, visages, massages, waxing, makeup, cleaning and skin revitalization, for example. The theoretical disciplines include Dermatology, Biochemistry, Psychology and Business Management and Marketing, among many others. All of this gives the necessary support for the professional to act both in reputable companies and autonomously.

The main areas of expertise

The main area of ​​expertise of a professional trained in Aesthetics and Cosmetics is facial aesthetics. Choosing this path, the professional will work with treatments and interventions that help to improve the skin texture and smooth or solve problems, such as age signs, sunspots and acne, among others.

Body aesthetics is also a strong sector, especially in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite, as well as in the reduction of localized fat. Other than that, the professional who wants to differentiate himself in the area can invest in hair aesthetics, minimizing damage related, for example, to hair loss.

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Where to find opportunities


In beauty salons, the most common activities for beauticians are those related to visagism. Within this segment, the professional can stand out doing makeup, hairstyles, taking care of eyebrows and eyelashes. Treatments such as 3D micro pigmentation for eyebrows and eyelash extension are always sought after by women who want practicality in their daily lives.

Medical Offices

In offices, Aesthetics and Cosmetics professionals can assist doctors in carrying out more elaborate procedures, such as the application of Botox. In addition, the beautician is essential in the period following these treatments, indicating the necessary care and helping to maintain the results.


Within the spas, the Aesthetics and Cosmetics professional can perform various functions, such as moisturizing and cleaning the skin. Relaxing massages are also popular procedures.


Academies are also opening space for beauticians. In these environments, such professionals are highly sought after for performing procedures such as lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce localized fats, helping patients to achieve their goals at the gym more easily.


Perhaps the most promising area for beauticians is autonomous performance. This is because, in this context, professionals are free to accumulate a wider range of customers, create their own schedules and further personalize the service.

In addition to traditional areas, such as makeup, image consulting and body treatments, beauticians can also work in the production of content about the area (for blogs, social media or YouTube) or even invest in the creation of your own business, bringing together several specialties in one place.

The biggest bets for the future

The Aesthetics and Cosmetics market has taken a leap in recent years. And the expectation is that this progress will continue to happen! For this reason, anyone who wants to invest in a college of Aesthetics and Cosmetics needs to keep an eye on the market. Check now what are the main bets for the future of this area!

Consulting services

Here, the beautician can act autonomously, as an image consultant for his clients. For this, it uses visagism techniques, seeking an adequate personal image for each one. This work can also be done in cosmetic companies and to evaluate aesthetic equipment.

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Pre and post-surgical aesthetics

The work of the beautician is also of great value for surgical patients, especially those who perform plastic surgery. This professional can work in partnership with the surgeon, applying techniques that alleviate post-operative discomfort, as well as can work directly with the patient, after discharge.

Capillary therapy

The Aesthetics and Cosmetics professional can also work in hair treatments, scalp and hair. An outstanding performance includes the use of baldness prevention techniques, one of the greatest concerns of the male audience.

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