Why is it important to start using LinkedIn at university?

Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook: all of these social media are very popular with university students. But have you considered using LinkedIn? It is very likely that this platform is not yet among your favorites, is it?

As it is a social network focused on professional connections, few students give due attention to LinkedIn. However, believe me: it can be very useful even for those who are still in college, see?

Want to understand why it is important to start using LinkedIn while you graduate? So keep reading!

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First of all, what is LinkedIn?

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social network with a professional focus. A proof of this is the content of articles published and shared on this platform: most of them deal with subjects such as career, business, economics, behavior and marketing.

On LinkedIn, it is possible to connect with other professionals and companies, whether they are from your area of ​​expertise or from different universes. The main use of the platform is precisely for networking, helping to develop a network of professional contacts. In fact, did you know that there are currently several organizations that use LinkedIn to search for talent and hire?

All of this makes LinkedIn the ideal virtual environment for you to search for jobs, exchange knowledge and update yourself about a certain industry. Pretty interesting, don’t you agree?

Why use LinkedIn during graduation?

Possibilities of networking

As we said, LinkedIn is the ideal place to establish and maintain a network of professional contacts. In this sense, think carefully: the more people you meet during college, the greater the chances of later having access to the opportunities that the market offers.

There is no doubt that the practice of networking helps (and a lot) in career growth. Believe me: a simple connection established during graduation may be able to completely change the course of your professional life.

Doors open for stages

Today, LinkedIn is the first place recruiters turn to when selecting candidates for internships or jobs. So, here’s an important tip: add Human Resources (HR) professionals there, since their main objective in this network is usually the search for new talent.

Little by little, you will increase your number of connections. Consequently, your chances of finding internship opportunities will also become greater. So stay tuned and enjoy!

Getting recommendations

Building a good professional profile is always important. After all, when you write about yourself, the employer gets to know your academic and life experiences. When other people speak well of you, it makes a much better first impression. And did you know that LinkedIn gives you that opportunity?

The platform allows colleagues, teachers and other professionals to leave written testimonials, telling how it was to develop projects with them. So whoever enters your profile will see that there are other people recommending working with you.

Participation in groups

In the professional field, it is essential to constantly improve and learn from colleagues in the field. For this reason, whether on the Internet or outside, it is common for people to participate in communities focused on their segment of activity. Because it is possible to do this virtually on LinkedIn!

The social network has groups of subjects related to different courses and professions. There, people share useful content, discuss important topics, recommend vacancies and so on. That way, you can find your tribe and always stay on top of what’s happening in the area.

How to have a successful LinkedIn profile as a university student?

Capriche in the personal image

Having a good photo makes a big difference on LinkedIn. That’s because the quality of the image you put says a lot about your posture.

Just remember that we are talking about a professional network, ok? The presentation must therefore respect this proposal. This does not mean that you need to show up in a suit and tie, but that you need to have common sense when choosing how you will present yourself.

Make a professional and life summary

Many students believe that, because they still have no professional experience, they need to leave their profile blank. This is not true! You can list your main student experiences, such as participation in an academic directory, presentation or development of articles, obtaining certifications or awards, some volunteer work and so on.

In the same way, life experiences are welcome, as they tell a little about your luggage, what is unique about you. There are no rules here: value what you have best, always in an authentic way.

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List your skills

One of the options that LinkedIn gives is to list your skills – your main skills, your talents. Do you know that computer program that you learned to handle? That hobby that you cultivate or a manual skill that is right for you? All of this can be added to your list of skills!

Then, you can even ask friends and colleagues to enter your profile and confirm that you have that competence. With that, when looking for candidates with these talents, companies will reach you.

Ask for recommendations

We already talked here about the possibility of LinkedIn recommendations, remember? However, it is useless to know that the platform offers this feature if you do not use it. So don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations!

A great idea is to exchange testimonials with colleagues. Each can highlight what the other presents best in group work, for example. Likewise, you can leave recommendations about your teachers. Who knows, they may not return the gesture?

Use LinkedIn Alumni

LinkedIn Alumni is a tool especially suitable for university students. By accessing these pages, you can establish connections with people from different courses or educational institutions. These students or teachers are very likely to become relevant professional contacts in your network!

See how using LinkedIn during graduation can be a great idea? It is common to think that this social network is only for those who are already trained, but in fact, the platform can benefit students in several ways. Excited about that possibility? Then it’s time to start enjoying these benefits!

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